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MAPGen Organization

MAPGen is a cooperative consortium of five Research Centers, one MAPGen Knowledge Base and Coordinating Center (MAPGenKB), and the NHLBI.

Research Centers are responsible for a research project as detailed above and for participating as a full member of the Steering Committee (SC).   Each Research Center is required to participate in a cooperative and interactive manner with all other Research Centers and the MAPGenKB in all aspects of the consortium.  This includes sharing findings, developing common protocols and studies, contributing to and utilizing the synergy of the group, and contributing to a master data system for storage and integration of information and analysis across the Centers.  Research Centers are expected to manage data and analyses that are specific to their project.

The MAPGen Knowledge Base and Coordinating Center provides statistical and bioinformatic support, assist in the development of analytic tools, create a flexible and responsive master data system for integration, retention and storage of information and analyses across the Research Centers, and conduct in silico research to discover and/or validate mechanistic interconnections among diseases.  The MAPGenKB is responsible for developing outreach strategies to the larger research community as well as coordinating between the RCs.  The MAPGenKB also provides editorial and meeting coordination for manuscript preparation, coordination of the activities of the Steering Committee, Protocol Review Committee, any oversight committees, and overall study coordination and quality assurance.  The MAPGenKB also initiates and coordinates activities to promote standardization, data and protocol descriptions and methodologies, which may include development of common metadata formats, vocabularies, ontologies and data transfer protocols. The MAPGenKB coordinates MAPGen activities with other NHLBI bioinfomatics programs, as appropriate.

A Steering Committee (SC)composed of the principal investigators of the Research Centers, the MAPGenKB, and the NHLBI Project Scientists are the main governing body of MAPGen.  The NHLBI appoints a Study Chair who may be independent of the Research Centers and the MAPGenKB to preside over SC meetings.  The NHLBI also appoints three senior heart, lung, and blood researchers to serve as outside scientific consultants to the SC.  These consultants will attend SC meetings to advise on and prioritize new collaborations and directions.

People & Contacts

The MAPGen consortium is comprised of individuals from the National Institute of Health (NIH) and six research centers. If you have a question for any member of the project team, please write to [email protected].


Thomas Croxton  
Jerry Eu  
Weiniu Gan  
Jennie Larkin  
Tim Moore  
Patricia Noel  
Pankaj Qasba  
Gail Weinmann  

The External Scientific Board:

Stanley Hazen       (Cleveland Clinic)
Jan Schnitzer    (Proteogenomics Research Institute
                             for Systems Medicine in San Diego)

David Schwartz  (University of Colorado Denver)


The Knowledge Base and Coordination Center (USC):

Xianghong Jasmine Zhou PI
Edward Crandall PI
Fengzhu Sun Co-I
Michael Waterman Co-I
Andrey Rzhetsky Co-I
Preet Chaudhary Co-I
Wenyuan Li Scientific Coordinator
Chun-Chi Jim Liu Project Leader

Harvard Research Center:

Joseph Loscalzo PI
Albert-László Barabási Co-I
Dan Chasman Co-I
Zak Kohane Co-I
Paul Ridker Co-I

Stanford Research Center:

Gerald Reaven PI
Clete Kushida Co-I
Philip Tsao Co-I
Sun Kim  
Alice Liu  

Pittsburgh Research Center:

Naftali Kaminski PI
Ferhaan Ahmad  PI
Hunter Champion  PI


Yale Research Center:

Jack Elias PI
Lloyd Cantley  
Chun Lee  
Chirag Parikh  



Pennsylvania Research Center:

Muredach Reilly (UPenn) PI
Don Siegel (UPenn)  
Jason Christie (UPenn)  
Parastoo Azadi (CCRC)  
Lance Wells (CCRC)  
Michael Tiemeyer (CCRC)